Online Danger is a Teaching Tool

Do you have a group of people you’d like to share Online Danger with? If so, you may be interested in a bulk discount.

I’m offering bulk purchase discounts on my book because I know that informed and educated people are the best defense against the adversary. Click on the logos below or use the form on this page to contact us about a purchases of even 5 or more books. You could be eligible for a discount.

As a cyber security professional and former CTO at McAfee and Lockheed Martin, I know how difficult it can be to teach your end users about security practices in a way that they’ll remember and use. This book is geared toward the lay person, and teaches them the importance of cyber safety and how to protect themselves, and the business, from scammers, phishing attacks, malware and other cyber adversaries. It could be a great tool for your security team to get the message across to users in a non-technical way that they can quickly understand.

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, youth group leader, or anyone who works with kids and teens, you share my goal of keeping children safe on the Internet. Online Danger could be a great teaching tool for your faculty, mom’s group, scout troop leaders, or any adult working with groups of kids. It’s up to us to protect them, and this book will help educate you so you do just that. I also discuss ways to talk to our kids about online safety and monitor their online activities.